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    Welcome to ChengYue

    China ayi Home Economics Service Co.Ltd is a professional home service company . It was established in 2003 . We have companies both in Beijing and Shanghai . As an independent legal entity , our company offers a varity of services for domestic middle-income and upper-income families as well as families from abroad now living in china which has registered with the Municipal Administration for industry and Commerce , the company specializes in providing professional household services with other relevant services on the side.

    China ayi Home Economics Service Co.Ltd now has established many branch companies in cities of China which adopt the model of chain-store management . ChengYue has guiding the development of housekeeping in Beijing and Shanghai for many years .Our company specializes in providing professional and high-grade house hold services and other relevant services .With the development of internet , our company brings in the advanced idea of Internet+ .We work hard on innovation and resources integration and try to provide your family with comprehensive services.Our company philosophy is : integrity and win-win . We will try to provide you with the most excellent service.

    House Cleaning

    Baby Nursing

    Mother Assisting

    Aunt Philippines



    ◇We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

    ◇Your support is the source of our development.

    ◇Our services: Professional, standard, thoughtful and careful.

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